Playing with Matches

developmental model

behavioral strategies

social skills 

visual learning

Services are provided in a 1:1 setting as well as groups to work on areas of need with emotional regulation, social skills, communication, executive functioning, and parenting support for behavioral strategies at home. I believe in understanding the effects on one's self-esteem when teaching new skills and so I use your strengths and interests to build off of, not only for success of learning a new skill but for building self-worth. We will learn things like what is comfortable, uncomfortable, safe, unsafe, etc. I love the way that someone with ASD is able to see and engage with the world, so in therapy we work on teaching you how to advocate for your needs. We use many visuals and don't rely only on verbal communication. 


emotional regulation

cognitive behavioral therapy


Everyone worries however, for some their worries can stop them from living the life they want and hope to have. In working through anxiety we will identify triggers, environmental factors, and fears. Together we will find a way to work through how to navigate beyond what may be paralyzing you. We will work on emotional regulation techniques and mindfulness to give you the FREEDOM you are looking for.


Regardless of what the label is, we will figure out what is going on so we can find the best treatment for what you are experiencing. Interventions may include the use of CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, guided imagery, problem-solving, person-centered therapy, and strengths-based...but most important, an opportunity for someone to LISTEN to your experience and help find tools to meet your needs.



adjustment disorders