stress and anxiety



acceptance and understanding

Caregivers are those who take care of other's needs. Whether it be caring for someone's medical needs, developmental needs, or mental health challenges, as a caregiver the stress can FEEL ENORMOUS. Caregiving can be with family members, friends, children, parents, or can also include roles such as teachers, working in non-profits, etc. If you find yourself drained and burned-out (lack of energy, motivation, struggling with migraines/headaches, difficulty getting out of bed and taking care of hygiene, not wanting to be with other people, resentful, often angry or frustrated, difficulty finding joy, etc.) then it is most likely that your physical and emotional well-being have been affected by stress. Therapy can help you identify what you are feeling, why, and discover what are YOUR NEEDS.  


positive parenting strategies

crisis intervention

attachment work

descalation strategies

Parenting in the midst of a culture that values technology and social media is difficult for any parent. It can be even more of a challenge when you also have a child that has difficulty regulating their emotions, communicating effectively, lacks coping skills, and empathy, struggles through other concerns, etc. Together we will work on defining your parenting style, your child's needs, and how to best match the two to IMPROVE RELATIONSHIPS AND FAMILY DYNAMICS.