A Natural Girl



trauma and recovery work

stress and anxiety


As a woman life often becomes a balancing act of many roles and hats all at once. You can feel as though you don't have a chance to even breathe. Life becomes a matter of checking things off your to do list, wishing your life looked like a Instagram photo of perfection because you feel so disconnected and wishing for CONNECTION. You may find yourself resentful and blaming others for not understanding your needs. You want balance and support but do not know how to get it. 

Learning to balance and honor your feminine side (the part of you that deals with your emotions and feelings) and your masculine side (the part of you that is direct and a doer) will be some of the work we will do together. Learning to set boundaries, prioritize your values, and communicate your needs will also aid in improving your mental wellness.

For some, it may be finally feeling that therapy is a safe space to work through your past trauma so that you can let go of your anger and work through healing. By understanding our past, we can begin to shape a better future.